Electrostatic disinfection is the process of spraying an electrostatically charged disinfectant onto surfaces and objects. Using a specialized solution that’s combined with air and atomized by an electrode inside the sprayer, the spray contains positively charged particles that are able to aggressively adhere to surfaces. The mist coats evenly and envelopes objects even if it is only sprayed from one side.  Once applied, the sanitizing agent works to disinfect and is scientifically proven to eliminate COVID-19.  Contact Clean Start Rochester NY to learn more.


  1. Advanced Electrostatic Technology: Clean Start Systems utilizes electrostatic disinfection, a process involving an electrostatically charged disinfectant, ensuring thorough coverage and adherence to surfaces.

  2. Specialized Solution for Enhanced Efficiency: Our company uses a specialized solution that is combined with air and atomized by an electrode, enabling the spray to coat surfaces evenly.

  3. Effective on Various Surfaces: The positively charged particles in the mist aggressively adhere to surfaces, providing effective disinfection even in hard-to-reach areas.

  4. Uniform Coverage: The electrostatic mist envelops objects for uniform coverage, ensuring effective disinfection even if sprayed from only one side.

  5. Proven Effectiveness Against COVID-19: The sanitizing agent used in their electrostatic disinfection process is scientifically proven to eliminate COVID-19, ensuring a high level of safety and hygiene

Discover the efficacy of electrostatic disinfection with Clean Start Systems. Our advanced technology ensures comprehensive coverage, adhering to surfaces for superior cleaning. Trust us to create a safer environment in your facility with our scientifically proven methods against pathogens like COVID-19. Ready to elevate your space's hygiene? Contact Clean Start in Rochester, NY, and experience a new standard in cleanliness and safety. Your peace of mind is our priority.

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